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[Solved] I bought a second-hand Racing Cube RC4. How can I get the corresponding driver and Simtools software.

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I have sent a contact request on the official website, but I'm not sure if my email address can receive the reply, so I ask here again.

I bought a second-hand Racing Cube RC4 (a company went bankrupt and sold assets, I bought it). It didn’t have an original computer, and it is impossible to contact the person who was in charge of it. No one knew how to operate it. I use a new computer to set it according to manual. I downloaded Simtools from the Simtools official site, but my PC could not recognize the USB as USB-SERIAL CH340, only 2 exclamation points were displayed in the device manager. Even I created a fasetech account and click download, there is nothing I can download. Could you please send me the device driver and corresponding software, I don’t know its specific version, There is a USB-B socket on the left side of the panel, and two USB-A sockets on the right side (different from the picture of RC4v3), And this RC4 was purchased in 2018. By the way, could you please send the license corresponding to Simtool to me? If not, can I purchase this license again?

Thank you!

Photo of the RC4(1)

Photo of the RC4(2)

USB driver problem

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As you already have seen we've answered you on email. Your licenses will be transferred to your account as son as we have gotten a reply from you.


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