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Anyone have issues with simtools / windows 11?

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I'm not sure if his is a simtools / windows 11 issue, but what seems to be happening is, motion works fine for the first game session and continues to work fine until you quit back to windows.

Subsequent game sessions no longer have motion and simtools output testing doesn't work. Restart windows and it all comes back.

Anyone else seeing this / have these issues?

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Hi mjwookey, 

Windows 11 is not supported for SimTools 2.x and will never be. We are currently testing the brand new SimTools 3 which will rework everything on the platform, it will also support Windows 11. However, we do recommend holding off with Windows 11 for now due to significant bugs and missing features.

We expect SimTools 3 to be ready in Q1 2022.

Steffen Hansen | CEO | FaseTech