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Motion Canceling for Oculus Rift!  

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Andrew (ZA)
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23/03/2019 4:57 am  

Hi Michael

I also have gone through the frustrations of Rift, and after watching our local testing engineer Joseph @JMB-3D 🙂 with the work he put into the Vive Pro, I ordered mine.

Agree with Steffen, it is expensive, but you do get a big upgrade from the Rift.

My RacingCube is currently rigged for flying in XPlane at the moment, and the Motion cancelling works really well, especially with the Yaw function

Good luck and let us know when you've got it working


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23/03/2019 6:56 am  

Hi all,

after lots of frustrating moments with my (really loved) Oculus Rift CV1, the Vive pro arrived this week. As soon I find some time I will install and keep you updated, but not in this thread.

By the way, if someone (but I doubt) is looking for a Oculus Rift CV1, mine is on sale.


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24/03/2019 6:17 pm  


My racecube is rigged for flying as well, DCS exclusively but I cannot get the yaw feature to work at all.  any yaw at all puts me sideways in the seat.  can you talk me through how you got yaw working with motion comp please?

Andrew (ZA)
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16/05/2019 9:58 am  


Sorry for the late reply, that work thing has been interfering...

The issue with the Yaw and moving out of the seat means that the OpenVR Motion Compensation isn't working or active.

You need to reset that, and sometimes restart the VR completely.

If you follow Joseph's guide @JMB-3D on motion compensation for iRacing, its essentially the same steps.

Ive also found difficulty sometimes in XPlane to get it working, and it has to be in an exact sequence, in brief-

1. Get the program running in VR with the tracker and controller OFF, be in the cockpit ready to fly

2. Switch on the tracker

3. Switch on the Controller

4. Go to the bindings for the program and change to Vive Pro

5. Go to OpenVr and set the motion compensation and tracker, and APPLY

6. Go back to the cockpit and test.

Good luck

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