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[Sticky] Uploading images and videos is now easier!  


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26/02/2019 12:55 am  

Hi all!

Thank you for keeping this community going, we still have big plans with the platform and the future of this company. I recently added an easier way to upload pictures and add videos from different sources of media (YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Vimeo etc.) I will make this post short and show you how to use the new features!

Adding a picture:

Add Picture

If you have posted more than one post on the forums, you will be able to add pictures by clicking Attach Files as shown above.

Upload Pictures

With the new GUI you can upload and manage pictures and later attach them to the post.

I have also added the plugin called "Embed Videos" This means you can paste a link from you favorite video service and it will integrate the video with player into the post. 

Examble: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QeiKjmxdug&t"

As you can see, by posting the above link without the "" it will show in the post.

I hope you find the features useful and it makes the use of the forums easier.

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