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Rift CV1 vs. VIVE pro  


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12/04/2019 7:32 pm  

Dear RC4 fans,

after some weeks with my new HTC vive pro, I'd like to share my thoughts about with you

First of all, I'm really happy haveing motion compensation working now and being able to use the RC4 in VR.

What is better with the VIVE pro, than with the CV1?

Motion compensation is working fine - thats the best at all

Resolution ist better, but not that impressive as expected

What is worse

The weight is immense, and thats a problem when feeling the RC4 force while racing, it won't stay in place. So you have to tune the sidestraps with some foam, to stabelize the HMD. Make it more stable against force from sidewart.

The controllers are compared to the RIFT ones are like bricks. What a stupid design.


The rear side of the straps are really bulky, if you use a racing seat, you won't sit comfortable. It's like wearing a helmet.


What is similar?

Tracking is as good as with the RIFT, setting up the lighthouse sensors of course is more simple.


What would I choose, if Motion Compensation would work as same as good with the RIFT?

I would stick with the RIFT. But right now, the only choice for RC4 usage is the HTC VIVE. But I'm not sure if the price difference between VIVE and VIVE pro is worth the slight resolution improvement.





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12/04/2019 7:50 pm  

Hi Michael, 

Thanks for sharing! I agree with you, it's quite heavy and the price is not worth it unless you have everything you need =)

I have tried both the Vive Pro and the Pimax 5k Plus and i'm really impressed about the Pimax, but currently it does not support motion compensation but it might in the future as i have talked with them at GDC, more on that later! However, the standard head strap for Pimax is not very good currently, they might have improved on it though.

Glad to hear you got motion compensation to work, it is really worth it!

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13/04/2019 10:53 pm  

Steffen, thanks for you feedback.

Another, in my eyes stupid solution from VIVE: Controllers with build in batteries. 👎 

The oculus ones are simple rechargable AAs, if they run out of energy while gambling, you just replace them with offline charched ones. 👍

If this happens to the VIVE ones, you have two choices, stop gaming ore play wired. 😜 

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