Race Cube Version 2...

Race Cube Version 2 (911RSR at the Nürburgring)  


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07/04/2019 8:50 pm  

This is a single lap in the 911RSR at the Nürburgring to show case Version 2 of the Race Cube. Improved strength of the rig which gives a better feel all round and you can feel the road surface a lot more than before. Using The VIVE pro with Motion Compensation, which is perfect for the Rig, Enjoy.....

Give the Video a bit of time to get going, Sorry about the quality, I've basically tried to show the whole rig set up with the VR and Motion compensation so you can also see the screen which I mirrored the view from the VR.


Watch now.

Well done Fasetech the Race cube keeps getting better.

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12/04/2019 7:52 pm  

That is great stuff! Glad to see you got it up and running and hope you are linking the v2 =)

Steffen Hansen | CEO | FaseTech


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