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F1 style seat and pedals.

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This sort of looks interesting. 

Since I mostly race formula cars am looking for motion on something like a PlaySeat F1 or something similar, using VR.

It seems to me that this unit probably support fitting it physically without too many mods, but would it all work with stresses, CoG, seat centre etc. and the software.

There is a picture of a tooth belt which operates some part of the rig (what?). That would seem to be a wear item and I wondered what their life rating is.

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Hi, welcome to this forum.

As I race and fly everything and I like to have immersion as most as possible, so I created my FlexRig.


Please see also my videos

The belt drive is not for motion, it's just for the sensors.


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Hi drdweeb, 

We do not have any official mount where you can tilt the seat on the platform but you will be able to use custom mounts for it. Just be cautious with the balance on the rig as you might overload a motor or two if not balanced properly. 

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