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What I've learned so far.....using Vive Pro.
1. Steam is the buggiest program I have ever experienced. If something doesn't seem to work
exit steam and restart it. Or even re-boot.
2. There is little consistency between games on what signals they send to the simulator, although
Extra 1 is often used for tire slip. The default settings are rarely correct, to the point where the chair
tilts left when it should tilt right, or even tilts up. Often you need to check the direction box
to reverse the action to make it work right.
3. Beware the SAVE button. The first time you load a game (needs to be done both in Game Manager and
Game Engine(under axis assignments)), use the presets-create preset button in Game Engine and name it "game name default"
just in case you ever want to see it again. If you make any modifications to axis assignments, they won't
take effect in the game unless you hit SAVE. However, that save now makes those changes the game default
which loads when you load the game. Better to make lots of presets to track your changes. When you
click presets-load a preset and pick from the drop down menu, those setting take effect immediately without hitting the SAVE button.
If you do hit the SAVE button, that preset then becomes the default for the game. Personally I have had trouble with
SAVE saving extra 1. Not so for creating a preset.
4. Output testing only works on the default settings. That is the settings listed when Default is seclected from the Game List
drop down in Game Engine. Again, you may want to create a "default original" preset for future reference. You can't test output
for Extra 1 if it's not part of the default. So get rid of Yaw for driving games and replace it with Extra 1 and SAVE it with DEFAULT as the game.
Now you can use output testing for it. That being said, how the chair behaves in game is what counts, so that is really
where you want to test things.
5. Tilt by any other name.....When you turn right, the chair should tilt left and vice versa. This is called sway. When you are at rest on a banked
right turn, the chair should tilt right and vice versa. This is called roll. When you accelerate, the chair should tilt back and when you brake,
the chair should tilt forward. This is called surge (either positive or negative). If you are at rest on an uphill section, the chair should
tilt back, and facing downhill tilt forward. This is called pitch. So sway and surge relate to driving forces and pitch and roll relate to track
topography. Heave is up and down.
6. Tuning Center is King....While the Force % under axis assignments certanly plays a roll in how much action you get, the tuning center
can effect that as much or more. Get there in Game Engine-Tools-Tuning Center. The settings here are game specific. If you have selected
a game in Axis Assigments, that shlould show in Tuning Center. Oddly, if you have just played the game and exited, it will disappear
from tuning center and to modify those settings you will have to select it from the Tuning Center Game Selected drop down. The colored boxes
next to each force can be toggled through: green automatically ballances the entry and blue lets you set min an max independantly.
Most settings you probably want balanced, but I prefer greater acceleration effect than braking effect so I set surge to blue. To modify the numbers,
click Capture Max Min. Now you can change values. The closer to zero, the stronger the force and it is pretty sensitive. You can tell
the difference between 1 and 1.25. Don't set to zero unless you want to visit the ER. After you finish setting the values, click Save New Settings,
then Stop Capture (the former Capture Max Min button). I'll post some screen shots (if I can find the attach files button) for my settings for Project Cars2, Assetto Corsa, and Dirt4
separately if you want somewhere to start where at least all the DOFs are in the correct direction!

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Good info.

I've played a lot with my settings, especially after being on a track day to try and get the best realism

To compete with the "aliens" , if you are running on full motion is impossible as they ramp kerbs etc

Ive found that turning down the main level % In Game Manager, takes a lot of the sudden, jerky, unrealistic motions away, sometimes as low as 60% for Rally cars, without changing Tuning Centre

Also using Filtering in Axis Assignments helps a lot

SWAY, Traction Loss, SURGE, PITCH I have quite high, but very smooth which gives a more realistic Car feel.

But its Time, Time and more Time

Good Luck, enjoy