Sim racing: Surge & Sway vs Pitch & Roll  


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07/12/2018 1:13 am  


Where in these videos are the Sway & Surge forces?

Joseph video

Michael video

All I really see is Pitch & Roll which I would prioritise way way below Surge & Sway for the forces I want my automotive sim racing rigs to simulate

So.. is this really a deliberate setup choice?  Why?  For the love of dog, WHY?

Bucket seats are shaped like that for a reason!

But seriously, what are others doing?

My Fasetech rig experience is literally only hours old, but I am already assigning most of my movement to Sway/Surge rather than Pitch/Roll with a little Heave, ( Yaw is disabled until I get more of a feeling for its actual usefulness in Sim racing (and until I get my space & cabling sorted))

Note: in finding the above links I stumbled across the new FaseTech interview with Joseph.  He mentions in reply to FaseTech, that for him, movement speed/responsiveness is more than fast enough.  Without Surge or Sway in effect I do not see the value in FaseTech asking that question


A reminder of the forces available for assignment in the thing that is SimTools (Ok, I now realise how much SimExperience's SimCommander spoiled me):



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