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Mariachi's SimTools configuration - discussion threat  


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19/05/2020 6:51 pm  

Fellow Racing Cube Owners,

due to not saving my settings and a necessary new installation of simtools after upgrading to V3, I had to start all over again creating usable setups for my games.

They feel good now (especially Indycar in PC2), but I'm sure there is room for improvements. Therefor I'd like to share my configurations with you.


I used Andrews Excel template, thanks for that.

I appreciate all comments, positive and negative ones, as every step forward is highly welcome.



Andrew (ZA)
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20/05/2020 10:34 am  

Hey Michael,

Thanks for sharing.

I've done very little with PCars, rather spending any free time on iRacing

What I find interesting is that you turned down the RC4. I've also done the same, turning down from 9 to 6. Mainly in an attempt to get more smoothness and less jerky movements.

After spending a lot of time setting FFB on the wheel, Ive been trying to get the movement of the RC4, to visually match what happens in the car. Its amazing when you get the angles and movements to feel what you are seeing.

Feels even more real.

Sounds like you, and me, enjoy the continuous tweaking of everything.

I'll try share my iRacing config soon, and maybe try your settings on PCars sometime

Enjoy, Andrew