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How great RacingCube really is!  


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11/03/2020 7:08 pm  

I had my reservation on its capability but I was conviced by the modular design. And the looks, and the movents, and that its made by a company from Denmark. And I bought one.

It was a blast from first second when I got to test it. And when I learned more about settings (read: I dared adjust more with settings) it just got better and better.

Quality of the machine is very good and the customer service is second to none. I mean people at Fasetech are awesome!

I had little problem with SimTools as I am not good with computers and Fasetech helped me in a heart beat.

I am so happy I made this choice and bought Raicingcube.

I love how gravel road feels under me. I love how I ready myself for an impact while driving over a pothole or a rock. I often close my eyes for a second when I drive off road or hit a tree.

And I will continue doing so. 

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11/03/2020 8:03 pm  

I can fully agree. It's more than fun to own and useing it.

And if you are getting trouble, as I have been, their support is great.

Never loose - win or learn

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17/03/2020 9:14 am  

I've been on board with this from the start, i absolutely love my Race cube it takes pride of place in my games room and works great its looks great too. 

Fasetech Support has been 100% when i needed them, 😊 

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30/05/2020 7:19 pm  

I totally Agree

I use the racing cube with DCS world and it's amazing.

I love it and I also agree on Fasetech support, It's second to none!