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Windows 11 - Anyone using it? Issues?

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Hi all,

did anyone switch to Windows 11 already?

If yes, is Simtools running flawless. Something to consider when changing to Windows 11?



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I have Windows 11 on hold, haven't installed it. Just waiting for a while, I don't know if everything will run flawlessly. I will post here, when I make the switch. Not in hurry though.


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Windows 11 is not supported with SimTools 2.x and will never be. SimTools 3 is in beta now and will support Windows 11, we expect it to be ready Q1 2022.

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I started getting a few problems with windows 10 trying to update to windows 11 automatically, computer kept crashing.

I decided to give windows 11 a go, thankfully after the update everything was normal and worked well other than motion compensation, done a bit of research and found a. Quick fix for that, save to say all is working well after testing with Iracing, no issues.

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