Hi im Tee from BKK ...
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Hi im Tee from BKK Thailand  


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11/05/2020 2:11 am  

I want to buy RC4 DOF can u ship to Thailand?

About the installation
Hard to install?

now i have YAW VR PRO But it is not enough


Andrew (ZA)
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20/05/2020 10:46 am  

Hi Tee, welcome.

I'm sure Steffen will answer you about shipping. I Dont see a problem as I got mine shipped to South Africa 🙂

Its not difficult to install. Just needs a bit of time. The more time you put into setting it up the more fun you will have.

I would definitely recommend it, its amazing.

Dont be like me and wait too long to make the decision, Just Do IT 🙂

Regards, Andrew