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Question regarding space needed.

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 I am interested in purchasing the racingcube and I need to know what the absolute smallest diameter  would be required?

what is the diameter of the floor base with out the motion rig attached?

can the seat be moved back 6 inches? This would help me with the placement in my house  

I am paralyzed and will need to install a swivel base to the seat so that I can rotate the seat towards the back. This is so I can get my wheelchair close enough to transfer. Can I install a swivel base?

Would Fastech be willing to design this?




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Hi Steve,

I'm sure Steffen will answer all your questions soon.

The base plate has a diameter of 120cm.

The original original seat mount does slide around 16cm.

I'm sure you can install a swivel base too. Check my video about the adaptions I made. Not what you need, but anyway the Racing cube is quite flexible.


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Hi Steve, 

You can see some dimensions and requirements here:  

As mariachi writes, the seat slider can be moved about 16cm but it does not go more than a few cm past the back of the frame due to balancing of the whole platform.

I would say most things are possible with the simulator and it's made for modifications but it's hard for me to say yes or no without further information about the swivel. It would be possible to design the swivel but we would need technical drawings and maybe physical demo models as it's quite hard to design something you cannot test in real life. Could you provide us with more information?


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