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Mounting a ATX-case?

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I've got a great gaming-computer in an ATX-case, which I would like to use along with the racecube. Is there a good way to do this?

I might get a friend to add a platform which can extend the rails in the back. But what about balance then? And are there a better option? Anybody else who have done it and can show their setup?

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Hi, at the beginning I thought about adding the computer to the racing cube too. I never did, as I still use my computer for "static 3 monitor ego shooters" too.

Adding would allow using with the "new" unlimitied rotation version.

If adding, plaese have in mind, the racing cube is very powerfull, hard movements/strong power will shake the entire platform.

I would recommend placing the mounting rack for the computer at the rear of the rotation module, as low as possible. Maybe even on silent block to eliminate the hardest shocks.


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