Touch screen with Private Pilot configuration  


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06/08/2018 6:10 pm  
My father and are looking into buying this simulator.
I will be using the simulator with the HTC vive and HOTAS, but my father who is a private pilot would like to use the simulator in a similar manner to his current setup (a private pilot simulator configuration). I have attached several photographs of his setup below:
In the pictures, the top monitor is a normal monitor, and the bottom monitor is a touch screen that displays the general aviation private pilot G1000 console. There is a yoke in front of him, some pedals below, and to the right are his other flight controls.
Is it possible, or how is it possible to setup a similar configuration using the three monitor mount, with the: yoke, flight controls (right-side), a touch screen, and then another one or two or three monitors (held by the monitor mount)? 

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07/08/2018 11:41 am  


It would definitely be a possibility and it is quite easy to make mounts for the simulator to accommodate the pictures. The only thing to worry about it the total weight of the system, and of course attaching it securely. 

We will be able to make a custom mount for the touch screen, however i cannot give you a price before i have talked to the engineer as this is a custom mount we cannot likely use with other setups. Let me know if you want a quote on that.

Steffen Hansen | CEO | FaseTech


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